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BC estate law relating to wills variation claims applies throughout British Columbia and is currently set out in section 60 of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act. John Richter and Richter Trial Lawyers have decades of experience handling wills variation claims throughout the province. We act for spouses and children who have been disinherited or left an unfairly small portion of their spouse’s or parent’s estate.

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Commencing a legal claim can feel like climbing a mountain. Pictured above is a mountain near Revelstoke called Mount Begbie named after Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie who was the first Chief Justice of the Crown Colony of British Columbia and Province of British Columbia. Like our legal system, a mountain may be majestic, but can also be dangerous and intimidating. Like a guide, we walk you through the legal steps to a negotiated settlement. Most cases settle without going to trial, but if a trial is necessary, we have the experience to deal with trials and appeals.


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Prejudging Wills Variation Claims

Background Justice Douglas refused to prejudge a wills variation claim on an interim application. In Rivers v. DeVouge, 2022 BCSC 2267, John Richter successfully defended an

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John Richter has helped husbands, wives, sons and daughters with their wills variation claims in estates worth several hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. If you have been disinherited or left an unfairly small portion, call us for a free consultation or fill out our contact form.

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